5RAR Photograph Gallery

Australian infantryman's combat badge
Battle of Binh Ba
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Thumbnail of Pte Knapp
Private Knapp D Company 5RAR 'saddling up' for
the move to Binh Ba

Thumbnail Centurions heading for Binh Ba
Centurion tanks from 1st Armoured Regiment heading
for the Village of Binh Ba

Thumbnail Awaiting orders to enter village
Tanks and soldiers of 10 Platoon D Company awaiting orders to assault the NVA within the village of Binh Ba

thumbnail of villagers leaving Binh Ba
Villagers using the APCs as a screen as they are escorted out of the village

thumbnail villagers leaving Binh Ba
More villagers being escorted away prior to the assault on the entrenched NVA within the village

thumbnail Village taking ground fire
Village centre taking ground-fire
as an RAAF 'Bushranger'
gunship flies over

thumbnail of the RAAF supporting 5RAR n the ground
RAAF 'Bushranger' gunships in support of 5RAR on the ground

thumbnail of 12 Platoon ready to assault
Looking over the top hatch of an
APC just prior to 12 Platoon's
assault into this sector of the village

thumbnail of house taking ground fire
House taking ground-fire

thumbnail of damaged houses
Doors on the huts were blasted open by M79 Rounds. A empty tank casing lays on the ground at right

thumbnail D company 5RAR clearing houses
Village houses after being cleared
 of the NVA by D Company 5RAR
thumbnail of the binh ba school house
School house in the village used by the NVA as their headquarters
thumbnail of Pte. Tuckfield outside the church
Pte. A. Tuckfield outside the Roman Catholic Church after the battle
thumbnail of Cpl John Kennedy
Cpl John Kennedy pictured
outside the school house after
 the battle. John was killed in action 15 days later as a result of mines
in the village of Dat Do
Thumbnail of Arnold Lockry (Van Hulst)
Arnold Lockrey (Van Hulst)
contributor of the above
photographs after the battle