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MAJ David French 5RAR Talks to the local Afghans minutes before a contact with the Taliban MTF-2
Mentoring Task Force 2

Combat Team Charlie OC, Major David French talks to local nationals whilst on a patrol with OMLT O33D who were conducting a partnered security patrol with the ANA in Derapet, Tangi Valley 04/12/2010.

This picture was taken moments before being in a contact in the village Derapet with upwards of 20 Taliban fighters.

The contact lasting over two hours and would see Corporal Ryan Avery awarded the Medal For Gallantry for his actions on that day.

Note: Corporal Ryan's citation for the award of the Medal For Gallantry can be read Here.

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An OMLT [Operation Mentor & Liaison Team] or "Mentor Team" consists of 2 infantry sections and attachments Combat Engineers, Artillery - JTAC [Joint Terminal Attack Controller] & JFO [Joint Fires Observer] as well as a Combat Medic.