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BDR Robertson and CPL Ryan Cripps of 5RAR about to patrol in Afghanistan Patrol into Derapet, Afghanistan

Combat Team Charlie attachments BDR David Robertson (Joint Fires Observer) and CPL Ryan Cripps (Combat Medic) prepare to head out on patrol with OMLT O33D into Derapet, Tangi Valley December 2010.

Derapet had become known as a Taliban 'hot spot' for 6RAR on MTF-1 and following this patrol it would prove the same for 5RAR during MTF-2.

BDR David Robertson would earn the Medal For Gallantry (MG) for his actions on a similar patrol into the Tangi Valley only a few months later.)

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An OMLT [Operation Mentor & Liaison Team] or "Mentor Team" consists of 2 infantry sections and attachments Combat Engineers, Artillery - JTAC [Joint Terminal Attack Controller] & JFO [Joint Fires Observer] as well as a Combat Medic.