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A captured Taliban insurgent being watched by Australian soldiers from MTF-2 Captured Insurgent

January 2011

CPL Richard ‘Akka’ Atkinson (KIA) and his team of Combat Engineers secure Weapons and an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) from a captured Insurgent after elements of I63Y CPL Ryan Avery, MG and PTE Grant Robins spotted the Insurgent servicing his weapons in a cave from an overwatch position they held with two US Army Snipers in Tangi Valley.

CPL Avery wounded the Insurgent from 1,358 metres away and both snipers managed to eliminate any chance of the enemy escaping the cave by pinning the Insurgent in place with continued effective fire, allowing OMLT 033C and Attachments to get in position for the apprehension of the Insurgent, Weapons, Enemy Intelligence and an IED.


An OMLT [Operation Mentor & Liaison Team] or "Mentor Team" consists of 2 infantry sections and attachments Combat Engineers, Artillery - JTAC [Joint Terminal Attack Controller] & JFO [Joint Fires Observer] as well as a Combat Medic.