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Australian soldiers of OMLT 33Delta on patrol in the Deh Rawud district Afghanistan OMLT 33D

October 2010

PTE Tom Jane (MAG 58 gunner) takes a knee during an unpartnered security patrol lead by WO2 Trevor Lynch (TSM 33D) in the village of Yatimak. The patrol denied Insurgents the freedom of movement and gave Combat Team Charlie (CTC) a greater understanding of the human terrain in that area of the Deh Rawud District, Afghanistan

PTE Tom Jane would have a very close call whilst in combat employing that same weapons system in the Tangi Valley only a few months later.
See link: A Close Call



An OMLT [Operation Mentor & Liaison Team] or "Mentor Team" consists of 2 infantry sections and attachments Combat Engineers, Artillery - JTAC [Joint Terminal Attack Controller] & JFO [Joint Fires Observer] as well as a Combat Medic.