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Prsioner of War being treated by Pte Ian Hutchinson during the battle of binh ba

P.O.W. Battle of Binh Ba

During Phase 2 of the Battle of Binh Ba on 6 June 1969 a North Vietnamese Army prisoner was captured by 2 Section 4 Platoon B Company in its blocking position to the east of the village near Route 2. The prisoner was taken trying to escape the assault force comprising D Company with tanks and APCs in support, moving from west to east. The bund shown in the picture helped protect the B Company blocking force from the tank and small arms “overshoots” coming their way. The PW is shown being treated for his wounds by the 4 Platoon stretcher bearer-medic, Pte. Ian 'Bear' Hutchison, whilst being guarded by Pte. Mostyn 'Mo' Hancock.