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Australian infantryman's combat badge
Images of Phuoc Tuy Province
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Arial view of the village of Binh Ba
Arial view of the village
 of Binh Ba several
days after the battle

Old French Bunker, Phouc Tuy Province
Old French Bunker

Village of Hoa Long
Village of Hoa Long


MPC (Military
Payment Certificate
More MPC
More MPC
South Vietnamese Military Police
(South Vietnamese
Military Police)
Village of Dat Do
Market Place Dat Do Village


Song, Cheap Charlie
Song 'Cheap Charlie'

The Flags
'The Flags' Vung Tau City

Number 37 Bar, Vung Tau City
Number 37 Bar,
Vung Tau City

Pedicabs, Vung Tau City
Pedi Cabs
Vung Tau City

French buildings Vung Tau City
French Architecture
Vung Tau City

The Horseshoe
The Horseshoe
R & R centre Vung Tau 1st Tour
R & R Centre 1st Tour

Typical sentry box
Typical Sentry Box
5RAR erecting the notorious fence
Erecting the Notorious Fence


Chieu Hoi, Surrender Leaflet
Chieu Hoi, Surrender Leaflet

5RAR band on the Horseshoe
5RAR Band on the Horseshoe

1 Platoon A Company Aboard APCs
Members of 1 Platoon A Company Outside a Vietnamese Village

Peter Badcoe Club
under costruction

Baria, Capital of Phouc Tuy Province
Baria, Capital of
Phuoc Tuy Province

D Company 5RAR finding cover during a downpour
Typical Monsoonal Downpour
Nui Dat Hill looking west
Nui Dat hill early 1966
On the beach vung tau may 1966
On 'The Beach
Vung Tau May 1966
The Horseshoe - Phuoc Tuy Province
The Horseshoe
Phuoc Tuy Province
American road convoy approaching the horseshoe
American Road convoy approaching the Horseshoe
A sign in Phuoc Tuy Province
 Lost in Translation
Vietnamese farmer ploughing his rice paddy
Vietnamese farmer 1969
Vietnamese fisherman 1969
A Typical South
Vietnamese Fisherman
Typical South Vietnamese Fisherman
A South Vietnamese Fisherman mending his nets
view from the horseshoe near dat do
View from the Horseshoe near the village of Dat Do
soldoers from c company 5rar crossing a demolished bridge
Soldiers of 5RAR (1st Tour) crossing a ruined bridge
Pysops Leaflet
Head Hunting
Chieu Hoi Leafet
Chieu Hoi Leaflet
(Open Arms)
Thumbnail Vietnamese fisherman Vietnam War
Liquid Sunshine