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Men of the Battalion
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Thumbnail of 9 Platoon C Company 5RAR
C Company's Rat-Pack 
1st Tour
5RAR MATT team vietnam war
Members 1969 ~ 70
thumbnail of 5RAR Recce Platoon 1966-67
Recce Platoon
1st Tour
Thumbnail 6 platoon B Company 1969-70
5 Platoon B Company
2nd Tour
Thumbnail Lt Hartley being shave with a knife
Lt Hartley having a
shave in the bush
1st Tour
5RAR Med cap
2nd Tour
Griffo filling sand bags
'Griffo' filling sand bags
1st Tour
Two Mates
Two Mates 2nd Tour
Illman and Warburton
Colin Illman and Graham Warburton1st Tour
Pte. Chieu
Pte. Chieu 1st Tour
Ray Bolitho and George Gilbert
Ray Bolitho & George Gilbert 1st Tour
Battalion CP
Capt Mike Battle, FSB Susan May 1969
Tony Templeton of 5RAR
Tony Templeton manning a .50 cal atop Fort Wendy
1st Tour
6 Platoon B Company 5RAR members on R & R
Some members of 6 Platoon B Company 2nd Tour
Gary Towner
Garry Towner 1st Tour
A Company group 1970
A Company group
2nd Tour
Bob Cavill
Bob Cavill Turning away from the down-wash
1st Tour
5RAR Adjt FSB Kerry
Adjutant 5RAR at
FSB Kerry 1969
Padre Williams
Father Williams
Catholic spiritual mentor
1st Tour
Padre Tom Shanahan
Father Tom Shanahan Leading troops in prayer
2nd Tour
Pte. Jim Marshall
Jim Marshall
'Keeping House'
1st Tour
mortar-men 69-70
2nd Tour
5RAR mortar platoon
Members of mortar platoon 1st Tour
5RAR 2nd tour
When you can't dig down
2nd Tour
gary townsend
Ready Reaction Force
1st Tour
a Group of C Company 5RAR soldiers
A group of C Company Soldiers at a FSB, 1969
9 platoon c company 5rar
Members of 9 Platoon
C Company 1st Tour
5rar nui dat
A little entertainment
2nd Tour
Intelligence section 1966
Intelligence Section
with captured weapons
1st Tour
tracker dog handler paddy walker
Paddy Walker with
his tracking dog
2nd Tour
Bruce McQualter with Marshall Ky
Maj. McQualter with the flamboyant Marshall Ky
1st Tour
Pte Bernutodt
All rages - no riches
2nd Tour
Members of B Company 1966 - 67
Members of B Company
1st Tour
pte. gerry randall
Pte. Gerry Randall
2nd Tour
Pte Taffy Cheeseman
'Taffy' Cheeseman
1st Tour
Sgt McCullock
Sergeant M. McCullock,
B Company. 2nd Tour
pte. collin illman
Pte. Colin Illman
1st Tour
bob harbourd
Bob Harbourd wearing the experimental 'Pixie' shirt
1st Tour
funny hat day
Funny tin hat day
1st Tour
paul mcqueen
Paul McQueen atop
his weapon pit 2nd Tour
last patrol
10 Platoon's last
patrol 1967
boarding hmas sydney
Quintus boards HMAS Sydney for round 2
5RAR  group Vung Tau
5RAR group
August 1966
xa anh nhut village
C Company HQ group just prior to the mine explosion February 1967
Lieutenant David Rowe 5RAR
Lt David Rowe checking his map during a Cordon and Search Operation 1st Tour

Major Spry of 5RAR Getting the treatment
2ic of 5RAR Major Spry 'Getting the Treatment" enroute for the 2nd Tour
5RAR's Sergeant Sid Davis
Sgt Sid Davis as
King Neptune 2nd Tour

5RAR members after the mine explosion at the village of Dat Do
Survivors of the mine explosions at Dat Do 2nd tour
David Bowman 'wetting down' his platoon commander Lt dave Rowe
Pte. Dave Bowman
and Lt David Rowe 1st tour
members of 2 platoon a company 5RAR 1st tour
Some members of 2 Platoon A Company 1st Tour
2nd Lt Ted Pott, Staff Sgt G Owen, 2nd Lt Dennis Rainer
Concert Party
18 August 1966
soldiers of 6 platoon b company admiring their cairn
Soldiers of B Company 2nd Tour, Admiring their cairn
Soldiers of 9 Platoon c Company 1st Tour
Soldiers of 9 Platoon
C Company 1st Tour
6 Platoon B Company TAOR Patrol 2nd Tour
6 Platoon B Company
TAOR Patrol 2nd Tour
Members of 11 Platoon D Company 5RAR 2nd Tour
Members of 11 Platoon
D Company 2nd tour
Thumbnail of Terry Tommasi
Terry Tommasi filling his water bottles during
a TAOR patrol, 1st tour
Doc Roberton treating a wounded VC
Doc Roberton treating a wounded VC, 2nd tour

L/Cpl Frank Baker demonstrating the on-drive
to a bunch of curious kids
1st tour
Road Runners of 5RAR
'Road Runners'
Road Clearing Patrol
5RAR 2nd Tour

Pte Rod Heinze of 5RAR
Pte Rod Heinze moving
away from the LZ to commence Operation Esso 2nd tour
Group from 12 PLatoon D Company 2nd Tour
On SAS Hill early 1969
Lt Col John Warr inside his command post during operation crow's nest
Lt Col John Warr inside
his mobile CP during Operation Crow's Nest 1st tour
Major Max Carroll standing beside the collapsed CP
Major Max Carroll standing beside the collapsed CP
Padre Tom Shanahn 5RAR
Father Tom Shanahan giving mass in the field
2nd tour
5RAR Musicians warming up
L/cpl Frank Baker and Cpl Peter Fraser 'Warming Up'
1st tour
Cooks of D Company 5RAR (2nd Tour) having a beer
D Company cooks
outside the boozer, 2nd tour

L/Cpl Neville Thompson of
A Company 'kitting up' 2nd tour
Members of 6 Platoon B Company 2nd Tour
Two members of 6 Platoon B Company 2nd tour
with ARVN soldiers

Members of 5RAR man a checkpoint
Soldiers from 6 Platoon B Company man a checkpoint
Members of 1 Platoon A Company 5RAR
Members of 1 Platoon
A Company Nui Dat 1969

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