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US Army M109 Self-Propelled Howitzers

U.S. Army M109 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzers

Battery A of The 2nd Battalion/35th (Medium Self-Propelled) Artillery Regiment of the U.S. Army arrived at 1 ATF Nui Dat from Long Binh with six M109 155mm Self Propelled Howitzers on 22 July 1966. The battery became part of the permanent artillery support for 1 ATF, and had a permanent base in the south-west corner of the Task Force area.

The battery participated in the Battle of Long Tan, 18 August 1966 where the M109s were used against targets in depth, and in a counter bombardment role against enemy mortars firing 242 rounds of 155mm ammunition during the engagement
(ref: TO LONG TAN pp323 and 351).

Upon the occupation of the Horseshoe feature by B Company 5 RAR at 0800hrs 6 March 1967, to be followed by D Company 5 RAR, who were to establish a permanent base on the Horseshoe at 1000hrs the same day in U.S. Army Air Mobile UH-1D Slick Ships - 4 Iroquois helicopters at a time, 1 ATF was to build a fenced minefield south from the Horseshoe towards the sea, with the Horseshoe (which is just to the north of Dat Do) being the defended northern end of this fenced minefield. The battery was temporary moved from 1 ATF to the Horseshoe to cover the building of the fence.

Note the red kangaroo on the machine gun shield.