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captured VC pictures and art
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The Viet Cong and his North Vietnamese ally, are perhaps the most cunning and fanatical ever faced by Australian troops.
 His talent for cruel terrorism is well documented. However, he was surprisingly meek and submissive when captured.
Shown on this page are actual photographs and drawings captured in a bunker system by 5RAR in the Hat Dich area during Operation Kings Cross, 30 October - 12 December 1969. They show the enemy as seen by himself.

Photograph of an  armed Viet Cong
The enemy force was
well respected and ...
Viet Cong commander
In most cases he
was well led ...
Viet Cong in training
Well trained ...
('Particular in Sapper Tactics')
Viet Cong undergoing training in the jungle
Jungle Training ...
Viet Cong undergoing training
VC training ...
Jungle Training
More training ...
Viet Cong indoctrination class
Well indoctrinated ...
Viet Cong weapons training
And well armed ...
Viet Cong soldier with mortar bombs
Initially he was well supplied ...
Viet Cong manufacturing booby traps
And moral was reasonably
high ...
Viet Cong attacking at night
He attacked normally at
night ...
Viet cong soldiers
After a detailed reconnaissance
Veit Cong patroling along a track
He moved on tracks ...
Viet Cong moving through swamps
And through swamps ...
A Viet Cong patrol
And avoided allied sweeps
Viet Cong operating an 82mm mortar
His weapons included
Chicom 82 mm Mortars
Viet Cong Signaller
... Radio equipment ...
Viet Cong heavy machinegun
heavy machine guns
Viet Cong firing RPGs
AK47 Assault Rifles
and RPG 7 Rockets
75 mm Recoiless Rifle
75 mm Recoilless Rifle ...
Viet Cong assault team
And grenades ...
Viet cong art
 ... And his artwork
Viet Cong Artwork
Viet Cong artwork
Viet Cong artwork
Viet Cong artwork
Viet Cong Art
Viet Cong Art
Viet Cong Art artwork Viet Cong Art artwork
Viet Cong Art artwork