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australian infantryman's combat badge
Mentioned in despatches (MID)

  Captain Tony 'Doc' White
Captain Harold Anthony Duckett White.

Citation accompanying the award of Mentioned in Dispatches to
Capt White.

Captain White served with the 5th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment in Vietnam during 1966~67 as the Regimenta1 Medical Officer. Throughout his service his dedication and enthusiasm were an inspiration to all who served with him and on numerous occasions he showed complete disregard for his own safety by attending to casualties in exposed positions. In particular, on 17 October 1966 during Operation Queanbeyan he moved forward to render aid to a wounded officer. He reached the officer safely but was pinned by accurate sniper fire with the casualty beside a rock. In spite of his exposed position he continued to assist the casualty. On 21 February 1967 during Operation Renmark when many casualties were caused by a Viet Cong mine field, Captain White flew into the area by helicopter and landed in an uncleared area. Again without thought for his personal safety he moved to each casualty in turn to give aid and organise the evacuation by air. His presence and calm competent manner had an immediate reassuring effect on the troops who had lost several officers and senior non commissioned officers.
Throughout his service in Vietnam, Captain White gave medical aid to 80 per cent of all the battle casualties in the Battalion before they were evacuated from the field.
On numerous occasions he voluntarily gave medical assistance under the Civil aid program to Vietnamese villagers when he and his team were not secure from the Viet Cong. His sincere dedication to his work not only assisted directly in winning the hearts and minds of the villagers but was at all times a credit to his medical profession and his Battalion.