Australian Military Forces Hat Badge
5th Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment title
Pte. David J. Banfield
6709107 Private David J. Banfield, 21
Ulverstone, Tasmania.

Pte Banfield was a farmer near the northern city of Devonport before being drafted in May, 1968.
On the 21st August, 1969, during 'Operation Camden', his platoon and one other, were in contact with a heavily defended bunker system. As both platoons assaulted the position they came under heavy machine gun, RPG and 61mm mortar fire, forcing a withdrawal. At this time a mortar round exploded close by killing Pte Banfield and wounding his Platoon Sergeant Garth Wheat. The contact continued for some time with the majority of soldiers in both platoons being wounded.

Official Commemoration: TAS - Garden of Remembrance, Launceston.
Commemoration Position: Wall 3 - Row C


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