Australian Military Forces Hat Badge
5th Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment title
Leslie J. Pettit
217961 Private. Leslie J. Pettit, 21
Sydney, NSW.

Following six months service with the Citizens Military Forces, Les Pettit volunteered for national service and joined 5RAR as a rifleman. Known as “Wombat” to his mates, he was distinguished as a soldier who would never give up or surrender to overwhelming odds.
Although not a big man he was happy to carry and use the section M60 machine gun, a heavy task usually reserved for bigger men.
His comrades-in-arms were proud to have served with this courageous soldier who died in action from a mine explosion on July 4, 1969 in Phuoc Tuy Province.

Official Commemoration: NSW - Liverpool Cemetery
Commemoration Position: Church of England - Section I - Grave 790


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