infantrymans Combat Badge


Brendan Coupe

Corporal. Brendan F. Coupe, 23
Sydney, NSW.

Cpl. Coupe enlisted in the army in September 1959. The Corporal was killed during a VC mortar attack 12 miles north of Vung Tau in Phuoc Tuy Province 10 June, 1966.

John Kennedy

Corporal. John J. Kennedy, 29
Annandale, NSW.

John Kennedy was a railway station assistant before enlisting in 1965. Cpl. Kennedy was killed by an enemy mine, along with two others and a further 22 Australians being wounded in the same incident in Phuoc Tuy Province, on June 15, 1969.

Leslie Farren

Private. Leslie T. Farren, 20
Reservior, Victoria.

Drafted in the first call up in June 1965, Pte. Farren was a member of D Company when he was killed near the Task Force base; a victim of a VC mortar barrage on June 10, 1966, 19 days before his 21st birthday.
Les Farren was the first Victorian national serviceman to be killed in action in the Republic of South Vietnam.

Peter Jackson

Private. Peter J. Jackson, 21
Cowra, NSW.

Pte Jackson worked as a station hand and with contractors erecting power lines before being drafted in May 1968. Pte. Jackson was wounded in action on April 4, 1969 and was killed by a mine explosion in Phuoc Tuy Province on June 15, 1969. Two others were also killed with another 22 Australians being wounded.

John Sweetnam

Private. John. R. Sweetnam, 20
Melbourne, Victoria.

The repetitive life of a postal officer persuaded Pte. Sweetnam to enlist in the army in September, 1964. VC troops killed him in an exchange of small arms fire as his platoon conducted a dawn search-and-destroy patrol in Long My, Phuoc Tuy Province on June 9, 1966.
A mate remembers:
John Sweetnam was my mate. He was the sort of bloke who would notice you had forgotten your hat because you often forgot your hat and stick it on your head about the time you missed it saying, “useless bastard.”
He was the voice beside us ..."come on, we’re all mates here together, so let it go."
The sober voice reminding, "on parade at six mate ...we’ve got to go!"
And in the silence of a dripping wet twilight ‘stand-to’, where leaden eyelids followed chin to the dust-cover, it was his ― the gentle push to my shoulder. We swore that we would make it, each one for the other. Now on that special day when the Tiger mates all gather, to slap and laugh together, to tease that special brother, for me there is one missing ― more than just a mate ― he was indeed my brother.

Wayne Teeling

Private. Wayne E. Teeling, 21
Clovelly, NSW.

Wayne Teeling was an assistant engineer when he was conscripted on July 24, 1968. Pte. Teeling was a member of 10 Platoon D Company, when on the 6th of June 1969, during the Battle of Binh Ba, as Pte. Teeling's platoon advanced towards 6 VC firing from huts on the perimeter of the village, he was shot and mortally wounded. His Platoon and Section Commander dragged his body to safety. 10 Platoon continued the advance, clearing the huts and eliminating the VC.

Timothy Turner

Private. Timothy C. Turner, 21
Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

Timothy Turner was called up on July 18, 1968 and was posted to D Company. He died on June 15, 1969 in the 24th US Evacuation Hospital Long Bin, four hours after being struck in the head by fragments from an enemy mine. Two other Australians died and 22 wounded in the same incident.


Private. Anthony E. Waring, 21
Kingston, Great Britain.

An apprenticed electrical installer, Pte Waring was drafted on July 17, 1968. He died when hit by an enemy RPG ( Rocket Propelled Grenade ) on June 16, 1969 during an 'Operation Esso' night patrol near Dat Do, Phuoc Tuy Province.