Norman Womal

Corporal. Norman J. Womal, MID, 28
Bowen, Queensland.

Corporal Womal enlisted in the army in April 1959, after two years service with the Citizens Military Forces. He saw active service in Malaya 1959-61. On October 17 1966, the NCO was leading his section to clear snipers from caves on the Nui Thi Vai Mountains when he was shot through the neck. He continued to position his men and direct their fire but died awaiting evacuation.
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Ronald Conners

Private. Ronald F. Connors, 26
Middlesex, England.

 In August 1969, during Operation Camden, C Company 5RAR was tasked to protect a United States (US) land clearing team (LCT) in the Hat Dich Secret Zone of Phuoc Tuy Province, a long-time enemy jungle haven and stronghold. C Company was based in the Night Defensive Position (NDP) of the LCT and patrolled out from it by both day and night. As the US LCT had a field kitchen in the fortified NDP, a C Company cook (Pte Ron Connors) was brought in to provide catering support to the C Company personnel located with the US LCT.
When relieved of this protection task by another rifle company, C Company continued with Reconnaissance in Force (RIF) operations to locate and destroy enemy main force units in the Area of Operations (AO Mindy). Pte Ron Connors volunteered to go with one of the rifle sections who were short of men.
Later, on 28 August 1969, during a fierce contact with the enemy in a well-defended bunker system, Pte Ron Connors was severely wounded by enemy fire. He was evacuated to the U.S. 3rd Field Hospital in Saigon but he died of his wounds there on 25 October 1969.
Ronald Francis Connors is buried in Rookwood Cemetery, NSW.

Gordon D'Antione

Private. Gordon H. D'Antione, 20
Derby, Western Australia.

A junior postal officer when he enlisted in February 1964. He was a member of the Assault Pioneer Platoon when on October 18 1966, guarding the entrance to a cave as his platoon searched for booby traps, he was shot in the back by a sniper and died enroute to the US 36th Evacuation Hospital Vung Tau.
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Graham Warburton

Private. Graham F. A. Warburton, 21
Warrnambool, Victoria.

Posted to D Company as a rifleman private. On October 1, 1966, as the platoon's forward scout, Pte. Warburton was shot by an enemy sniper as he searched a clearing. He died enroute to the US 36th Evacuation Hospital Vung Tau.