I am the secondary teacher at Tambo State School (Prep-Year 10 students) in outback Queensland and each year I organise my teaching curriculum to incorporate ANZAC Day events. This year our local council have asked the year 10 students to acknowledge the commemoration of 50 years of Australia involvement in Vietnam.

As part of my research I located your 5 RAR site regarding Vietnam War and kindly ask if your organisation gives permission for me to use some of your resources such as poems and quotes from soldiers. I intend to use these resources to provide a context of understanding Australia's perspective in the Vietnam War. The year 10 students will use this information to create their own poetry about the war, and using first hand information allows them to honour the bravery, courage and strength shown by the Army and 5 RAR soldiers in their writing. It is not a text to judge their actions.

Kim Mclean
Secondary Teacher
Tambo State School.

Webmaster's note: To all Year 10 students and to Lily, Chase and Josh, congratulations and thank you for the honour.


Respect was needed,
But wasn't there,
Vietnam soldiers and we stopped and stared.

Two hundred thousand people marched in the streets
But not for what you may think...
The voice of disapproval was clear.

They died with honour and the spirit of a true Soldier-
bravery and courage through the nightmares.
The memories only left... after their final quest.

Think about the tears that were cried,
The heartache of our history
The sight of nineteen-year-old troops leaving home again.

So, let us honour those who served,
And remember their sacrifice,
And who fought with dignity and Nobility.

 -Lily Staples


The years nineteen seventy-five
thirteen years
And a million tears
They're struggling to survive.

Meant to be home for my nineteenth
Me and my mates
But here I am with my SLR16
Struggling to keep it straight.

Fighting in the jungle and in the fields
In the daytime and into the night
Many wounds go unhealed
Chopper blades inflict a fright

Another war called flashbacks
Wanting to fade away
But I've got loved ones counting on me
Trying to keep emotions at bay

The risk was dangerous
The risk was high
Many fought hard
Though many flew high.

Tears of pride
They are no longer shunned
They are now looked upon
As heroes of honour and dignity

-Chase Hutchinson


They live-They die, the jungle stopping them.
They miss their mates-the sound of gun shots ringing in their ear.
The sound of mates saying "help me"!
Day by day the enemy fighting them.
Where the jungle makes them sweat and burn a rash.
Mates falling down...'I wish I could do something to make them stand down'.
No fear when their mates are shedding a tear
'I miss the days when we had fun'... now we're here, holding a gun.
They won, they lost saying goodbye to the best,
When their family got lost in the enemy.
They said "I'm brave", now I'm solemn
wishing they lived to see their family.

-Josh Johnson