Why am I so lonely?
Why am I so blue?
Vietnam did this to me,
Did it do it to you?

Among all the mayhem and killing,
How many among us were really willing;
To go over there at someone's order,
To stop the aggression crossing the border.

Nineteen years old, cannot vote,
Told pack your bags, you’re on the boat.
For many among you it’s a one way trip,
Most of you, your mind will flip.

Thrown into a strange world of violence,
blackmarkets' and drugs.
Fighting in a jungle full of strange,
'crawlie', weird bugs.

Bombs and shells tearing through the night,
Men and boys silently screaming in fright.
All day in the rain scared and wet,
Is Charlie coming to get you yet?

The day has gone the night has come,
Is that the Death March beating on the drum?
On operations for weeks on end,
Stay cool mate, don’t go ‘round the bend.

We’re not here for life,
After a year you’ll see your family and wife.
Five days rest and recreation,
That’s no bloody vacation.

Where can you go? Hong Kong, Taiwan,
Bangkok or Singapore.
That’s all there is, there ain’t no more
Because son, you’re at war.

Now you’re back in civilization,
You have a sudden realization;
What you did was for your nation,
But you get no gratification.

So you go down to the boozer,
You’re just another loser.
All those lives, all that sweat,
You’re just another, whinging Vietnam Vet.


© Jack Gennings
5RAR vietnam 1st tour
Jack Gennings