To those unfamiliar with the names and roads in this poem;
Mal uses the names of some of our Killed In Action and the
roads and highways were the names given to operations they were killed on.

Webmaster, October 2004.

Last night I dreamed I passed away and climbed the Golden stair,
And when I reached the Golden Gates, Saint Peter he was there;
He said 'I've finally got you, come in and welcome son,
Welcome unto Heaven, your time on earth is done."

March in procedures over, I was shown my new abode,
I met some long lost 'rellies', as I walked down Lyon's Road;
T'was then I saw the sign post, and felt a flash of fear,
The message indicated, that Tigers live 'round here.

My thoughts returned to Vietnam, I could see the tents and tarp,
and someone playing "Dominique" on a big old golden harp;
I marched toward the music, and a doorway opened wide,
and there stood Don McGregor, who beckoned me inside.

The place was rather crowded, but room for plenty more,
So I just kept on a walking, right through that open door;
There were many roads to follow, and the one on which I stood,
was the Gateway to a memory called Highway "Hardihood".

Errol Noack lives down here, and so does Danny Coupe,
John Sweetnam and Les Farren all live down this route;
I turned off into "Sydney Road" Bob Lubke said gudday,
and told me Marian Tomas just lives down Binh Ba way.

A sign post reading "Holsworthy" Ray Kennedy's home abode,
And he took a journey with me, a trip down "Crowsnest Road";
Graham Warburton owns that place Norm Womal lives here to,
Gordon D'Antione and Bryan Watson, just to name a few.

There were Tigers living everywhere, as I walked down Canberra Street,
Brian Walker and George Gilbert, I once again did meet;
Bernie Smith then joined me for a walk to Kennedy's place,
I could hear some droning bagpipes, and the tune, Amazing Grace.

'Twas the bagpipes that awoke me and I felt the urge to scream,
Cause I had not quite finished, this very special dream;
But when my days are over, and it comes my turn to die,
I know that I'll be joining the "Tigers In The Sky."



© Mal Lyons
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Mal Lyons