Mick Poole and Chris Clark served in 1RAR Band
They were always giving each other a hand.
These two best mates loved serving together.
Life was good and they would live forever.

But the Viet Nam War would soon intervene
Mick was too young to be involved it seems.
So Chris Clark went off to war on his own
Whilst Mick had to cool his heels at home.

Then in '66 Chris Clark was killed,
In Ho Bo Woods with his dreams unfulfilled.
He was killed in action – an unsung hero.
Calls for a medal amounted to zero.

One year later Mick arrived in Viet Nam
Now he was serving in 5RAR Band.
But he was Killed In Action in '67.
Two mates united in Soldier Heaven.

Some things it seems are just meant to be.
Two young soldiers in a strange country.
Destined to die at the hand of Fate.
A tragic ending for two best mates!
Michael Poole
342916 Private. Michael D. Poole, 20
Fitzroy Melbourne, Victoria.
  © Bill Charlton/John Seagg 2018