C Company Reunion Masthead

The Reunion was held at the Rex Hotel Canberra ACT over the period 21st - 23rd March 2022. The photos are all at the main Luncheon on Wed 23rd.
A special thank you goes to our esteemed member Mr. Geoff Pearson who undertook the organisation and management of a very successful reunion.

Brig Colin Khan DSC AO addressing members of the reunion

Brigadier Colin Khan DSO AM (Retd) addressing veterans of C Company during the reunion. Brig Khan was the Commanding Officer during the Battalion's second tour and was affectionally known as "Genghis" by his soldiers.

Veterans of C Company Vietnam 2nd Tour sitting for reunion photographer

Standing L-R: Garry Mead, Terry Bates, Ian Leis, Alan Miles, Bryan Schafer OAM, Paul McQueen, Barry Morgan OAM, Steve Porter, "Jock" Phillips, Ron "Fred" Dwyer,
Peter McCauley, Ray Weston.
Sitting L-R: Bob Hooper, Eric Hamlin, David Wilkins OAM, Colin Khan DSO AM, Jack Lake, Geoff Pearson, Don Harrod, Ben Oram, Vince Feenstra.

Veterans wives and partners who attended the reunion

Our "better halves" with Brigadier Khan and daughter (seated on his left) take time out for a group photograph.

Officer Commanding C Company Col. David Wilkins OAM (Retd) with Brigadier Khan

Adjutant and Officer Commanding C Company Col. David Wilkins OAM (Retd) chatting with Brigadier Khan.

C Company Veterans toasting the photographer

5RAR Association secretary Geoff Pearson standing with Col. Barry Morgan OAM (Retd) and Paul McQueen toasting the photographer.