Commemoration offer to attend Binh Ba Week in Darwin
From The Commanding Officer:

We will be holding the week here in Darwin, and the intent of the RSM and I is to offer the anniversary of Binh Ba as a period where all Tigers can come back to the Battalion and meet the newest generation. We are looking to make it a week-long event to make it worth the while for veterans and past Tigers to travel to Darwin.

The outline of the week is as follows:

Monday 6 Jun 22 – Welcome to the Bn in the afternoon followed by a Soldier’s and Veterans Dining in Night in Binh Ba lines

Tuesday 7 Jun 22 – Army Combatives Night in the Gary Holmes Club

Wednesday 8 Jun 22 – Rugby and Australian Rules matches with 1 Bde Units

Thursday 9 Jun 22 – Battle of Binh Ba parade at the Darwin Cenotaph (the East Timor and Iraq streamers will be attached) followed by a Cocktail reception in Darwin.

Some of the finer details are being worked as we speak (such as costs) however we will be subsidising events through the RTF and we will look to have buses from Darwin to Binh Ba lines for past Tigers who make the trek.

Current 5 RAR members look forward to welcoming past Tigers to the Battalion Lines and enjoy discussing the difference that time has made in the operation of an Australian Infantry Battalion.

Chris Gilmore
Lieutenant Colonel
Commanding Officer
5th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment (5 RAR)
Binh Ba Lines, Robertson Barracks, Holtze, NT, 0829

Gary Townsend will act as liaison between the Battalion and any Association Members who wish to participate in this commemorative event. He will keep the attendees updated as to any changes that may be made. Please remember due to security procedures, all will need to show photo identification for you to be able to enter Robertson Barracks. At a later date Gary will collate the details of those persons attending and will forward them to the RSM. Gary may be contacted by telephone at (07) 5594 4780 or email at