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parable of the kit inspection

And it came to pass, that there cometh one which bore on his shoulder, three stars, who spaketh; saying; "Bring unto me the Sergeant Major."

And there cometh one who bore on his arm a golden crown. Then he of the three stars saith unto him of the golden crown; "Tomorrow at the ninth hour, parade before me one hundred men and all that is theirs."

And the one of the golden crown answered, saying, "Lord it is done."

And behold! On the morrow, at the ninth hour, there did parade before him of the three stars, one hundred men, with all that they did have, as had been promised him. Then cometh others which bore on their shoulders two stars and yet others who bore one star. These were called"Subbies", which being translated from the Latin meaneth "Small Fry" or "Little Potatoes". Then he of the golden crown, standing before the one hundred men, cried out with a loud voice, and did cause them to become pillars of stone.

And behold! There cometh one which was called "Quartermaster." This man held great power, for he belonged to that tribe which said; "These men must purchase from us." Thus did they wax fat in the land! And, passing amongst one hundred men, he did say unto this man and unto that man; "Where is this thing," and "Where is that thing."

And they all had save one which was called. "Spudus Murphy", and he lacked. Then he, the one which was called Quartermaster, saith unto him; "Friend, where are thy drawers woollen long and thy boots ankle, pair of one?" And Spudus Murphy answered saying; "Lord, on the third day of the week, I did thirst and had not the wherewithal to satisfy my thirst, for I had not received my reward. And I did take my drawers woolen long and my boots ankle pair of one, unto mine uncle of the tribe of "Love", and did say unto him "How many pieces of silver for these things?" And he saith unto me, "Seven" And I saith unto him; "Give to me that I may thirst not." And he did trade with me. Then I took the pieces of silver unto the abode of him that sold wine and did say unto him; "Give me to drink that I may thirst not." And he gave me, and I knew no more until the fourth day of the week.

Then he of the three stars waxed exceeding wrath, and calling two men. He placed one to the East, and one to the West of Spudus Murphy and, turning sharply on his left heel and right toe, he was led away and cast unto the prison.

And on the morrow, he was bought before one which bore on his shoulder, a crown and a star, showing him to be above all men! This one was called CO, which, being translated, meaneth; "Putter up of the wind." And he saith unto Spudus Murphy; "What are these things that I hear concerning thee? Sayest thou aught?"

Then Spudus Murphy related to him how that he had exchanged his drawers woollen long and his boots ankle pair of one, for silver for wine. Then he that was called CO, waxed exceeding wrath, and his anger was kindled against Spudus Murphy, and he saith unto him. "Why has thou broken the laws which I have made? Knowest not that thou has sinned? Now because thou has done this thing, thou shalt be punished. "Twenty and eight days shall thou labour."

Then was Spudus Murphy led away to a place where he would hear the tick of the clock, but could not tell the passage of time. And the name of that place was "The House of Glass." And he was in that place twenty and eight days.

So my friends, be not as the one, but rather as the ninety and nine. Where thou thirsteth and has not the wherewithal to satisfy thy thirst, wait until the day of reward; then shall the joy be increased a thousand fold.

And now may the blessing of that great Saint, The Regimental Paymaster, be amongst you, now and always.

Extract from the Vietnam Veterans Federation newsletter. Queensland Sub-Branch Inc