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INTSUM (Intelligence Summary)
(We knew what went on, but this is how other Corps / arms of the services saw it.)

© Jack Bradd
C Company 2nd Tour

Author: Jack Bradd

This is how other corps and services recorded the event in their INTSUM

Military Police:

Two MPs' on duty at the Pearly Gates checked an infantry platoon for haircuts, shaves, and general turnout before allowing them to proceed on Ops. This resulted in eight enemy KIA.


A Sapper from 1 FER attached to an Infantry Platoon, watched the siting, laying and firing of a bank of Mine Anti-Personnel, M18A1 Claymores in an ambush last night. Eight enemy were KIA.


A Troop of APC dropped off a group of Crunchies to the north of the Dat last night. The map reading skills of the APC crews was spot on resulting in eight enemy KIA.


A number of well-aimed rounds of 105mm were fired to the north of the Dat last night resulting in eight enemy KIA.


Bullets and other explosive ordnance checked, countered and issued by the BOD Ammo Platoon was used in an ambush last night, eight enemy KIA.


Ammo and other noisy stuff carried by Service Corps trucks in hair raising missions from Vungers to the Dat were used in an ambush last night. Eight enemy soldiers were KIA.


The flight crew of a Caribou over-flew flashes in the jungle last night, the aircraft was high enough and no damage was sustained. Eight enemy soldiers were KIA.


Some of the people in green suits which were carried here by HMAS Sydney were in action last night in the jungle. Eight enemy were KIA.


A medic from the Field Ambulance watched the burial of 8 enemy soldiers.


The RC and OPD Padres attended the funeral of eight Vietnamese natives early this morning.

All theses INTSUM's were found in rubbish bins. and forwarded to Hanoi. The North Vietnamese issued their own INTSUM:

Viet Cong Intelligence Summary