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australian imfantryman's combat badge
The Wart

© Hugh Roberton was the Regimental Medical Officer (RMO), with the Battalion for most of the second tour.

Author: Hugh Roberton

A Digger with a wart on the end of his prime member, attended the Regimental Aid Post ( RAP ) to have it treated.

 We booked him in for treatment after lunch, but his sergeant and the RAP sergeant conspired to have him attend earlier. Meanwhile they fetched the biggest soldering iron that they could find from the workshop, polished it up, put in on a tray, under a drape and left it on the table beside the 'Digger' laying on the stretcher. 

His curiosity got the better of him so he looked under the drape ... I could not work out why he was so pale and sweaty when I entered with the normal pencil sized instrument!