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Brian Kent London OAM DCM
WO2 Brian Kent London OAM DCM

Brian joined the army in April 1962. After completing basic and infantry corps training, was posted to B Company 1RAR as L/Cpl Radio Operator to Major Warr who was OC of the Company. He became a member of the 5th Battalion when it was formed on the 1st of March 1965 as a Corporal, Signal Platoon and later Sergeant.

He served with the battalion as its signal platoon sergeant and when the battalion completed its tour he remained with the battalion. He returned to Vietnam in 69' with the Tigers and after the first operation, replaced Sgt. B. Smith from D. Company who was killed in action on operation 'Quintus Thrust' and later as Sergeant commanding 10 Platoon D. Company. It was during this time that Brian was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM). His citation, in part, reads:

In June 1969 an enemy battalion occupied the village of Binh Ba. Sergeant London commanded 10 Platoon, whose total strength was 15 men. In two days of continuous action, 10 Platoon assaulted the enemy entrenched in houses and in bunkers. Fierce close quarter fighting took place as 10 Platoon attacked enemy in house after house. On at least six occasions, the Platoon were held up by enemy rocket and machine gun fire, Sergeant London, without regard for his own safety, directed and personally lead assaults into the houses throwing grenades at the enemy firing from windows and from behind walls. In one house, he shot two enemy dead at point blank range. His continuous bravery and leadership were a source of great inspiration to his men and resulted in his platoon killing over twenty enemy during the battle. His exemplary conduct against the enemy throughout 1969 reflects great credit on himself and The Royal Australian Regiment.

Brian was involved in all aspects of the 5 RAR Association and was for quite some time the editor of the associations' newsletter 'Tiger Tales.' He was also the webmaster of the associations' website until his untimely passing on the 8th March, 2003.

Brian is survived by his wife Marie, his son Brian Stephen London and daughters, Kathryn and Julie London.