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39689 BAKER, Paul Douglas "Butch."
27 November 1945 - 12 January 2023.

Paul BakerLCPL Paul ‘Butch’ Baker died at home on Thursday 12 January, he had been battling cancer. Paul had been living on the NSW central coast.

Paul deployed to Vietnam on 8 February 1969, as a section commander of the Tracker Platoon. He remained in this position for the full term of the Battalion’s 1969-70 tour. Paul returned to Australia with the Battalion aboard HMAS Sydney in February 1970. Paul returned to Vietnam with the Australian Army Training Team-Vietnam on 5 August 1970 serving with them until 13 March 1971.

A Funeral Service was held for Paul on Friday 27 January at Palmdale Lawn and Memorial Park in Palmdale, NSW.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

55159 DENCH, MIchael Allen MM "Moot."
31 October 1938 - 20 January 2023.

Michael Dench MMCPL Michael ‘Moot’ Dench died on Friday 20 January, he had been in palliative care for some time.

Mick deployed to Vietnam (SVN) and joined 6 RAR in December 1966, when they returned to Australia (RTA’ed) he was transferred to 7 RAR and completed his tour in December 1967. In January 1969 he re-deployed to SVN with 1 Section 3 Platoon A Company 5 RAR as a section commander.

On 21 August 1969 he was WIA when a small A Company group attacked an enemy battalion bunker system. He was awarded the Military Medal for his actions against the enemy on the 8 and the 26 of August 1969.

He was RTA'ed, aboard HMAS Sydney, with the Battalion on 6 February 1970. He later served with HQ, AFV
(Army Component) and 1 ARU in SVN from April to Sept 1970.

The funeral and burial will be on Friday, 3 February at 1100hrs. The location is: Albany Creek Memorial Park, 400 Albany Creek Rd, Bridgeman Downs. A wake will be held at Eatons Hill Hotel, 646 South Pine Rd, Eatons Hill QLD 4037.

Gary Townsend
5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor